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Our primary expertise centres on innovative investments to add value and mitigate risk. This allows us to offer investors attractive and unique strategies tailored to their individual investment needs.


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The PremiumIncome strategy allows investors to generate a long-term equity-related return with comparatively lower volatility and a lower drawdown risk. To ensure this, the portfolio manager pursues an investment strategy that combines an investment in a base portfolio of bonds with a high credit rating and the sale of put options on global equity and volatility indices while consistently hedging the downside risk by purchasing put options with a lower strike price.

This combination primarily aims to earn option premiums on an ongoing basis. in addition to interest payments from bonds. 



The strategy is designed to structure investments that generate consistent rates of return with low volatility. To achieve this, the portfolio managers pursues an investment strategy that combines the investment in a base portfolio of high-quality, fixed-income securities with the sale of put options on global equity and volatility indices. Using an active management approach makes it possible to consistently earn option premiums in addition to interest payments on bonds.


The aim of this strategy is to earn option premiums by writing short-term, exchange-listed put options on international equity and volatility indices. In order to minimise equity deltas, volatility, drawdowns and loss phases, these are written at least 15% out-of-the-money. In addition, we employ a very comprehensive and stringent risk management system as part of the active management of these options, including strict stop-risk rules and rules for early realisation of profits.


In addition to an investment in our mutual fund, we also offer institutional investors customised individual solutions in the form of special funds, managed accounts, etc., realised with various cooperation partners. We would be happy to meet with you in person and find a solution tailored to your individual investment needs!