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Both QC Partners GmbH and its employees are required to act in the interests of investors and potential investors when providing our services, and to avoid conflicts of interest wherever possible.


Our complaint management system is designed to record and process complaints in a structured way so that we can achieve two goals: resolve the complaint and increase investor satisfaction, and identify weaknesses and improve processes. You can file complaints with our employees – simply provide a brief description of the issue and your name.


Please contact us by writing to the following e-mail address: info(at)qcpartners.com

After receiving your message, we will


confirm receipt of your complaint within five working days

provide you with the contact details of the department and staff member processing your complaint


If we cannot fully resolve your complaint within four weeks, we will write to you with an update.

Our aim is to avoid bureaucracy and focus on investors to find a fair and viable solution and restore investor satisfaction, provided we can do so in compliance with the applicable legal or regulatory requirements and business principles.